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How to choose? Everyone in the choice straw pellet machine, often don't know how to choose, also don't know what the structure of the machine is suitable for particles, whether to choose what kind of equipment to make sawdust pellet fuel? To explain below.
Sawdust pellet machine is a kind of biological fuel particle shaping equipment. Its application is broad, applies to all appliances. Rural and urban, units and families cooking, heating, bathing, boiler. And have good heat resistance.
Mould flat, opening up, from top to bottom directly into granulating mould. The proportion of sawdust is very light, straight on straight down, sawdust by pressure wheel rotation to four weeks after entering, uniform particles. Sawdust pellet machine is upward exposure, easy to heat dissipation, also with a set of air bag dust removal, automatic refueling. Sawdust pellet machine is strong amplification axis, large cast steel bearing, its bearing is not under any pressure, it is not easy to bad, long service life.
(1), die set to, vertical feed, not arch camber, and equipped with air cooling system, easy to heat dissipation.
(2), mold static pressure wheel rotation, centrifugal, are distributed in four weeks.
Two layer (3), mould, double use, high yield and energy saving.
(4), lubrication independent, high pressure filter, clear clean.
(5), independent discharging device, ensure the granulating of molding rate.
How to choose and buy of sawdust pellet machine?
(1), the choose and buy of sawdust particles machine equipment don't only look at the price, good quality is really good, choose the device key is the quality of the products and after-sales service.
(2), must be to look at the strength of supplying equipment manufacturers, to the factory inspection, do not blindly listen to sales staff, but also on the other hand refers to the ability and the scale of production of the manufacturers, if there is a successful case of customers on the other hand.
(3), sawdust particles vendors would technology is feasible, and technicians to the on-site installation training, some manufacturer from equipment installation and commissioning, after two or three months has failed to make the forming pellet fuel, is to make particles, particles indicators also can not meet the national demand.
(4), simple operation and maintenance of choose and buy as much as possible, accessories complete, fully automatic continuous feeding mechanism, it can improve the sawdust pellet machine efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for long-term development of enterprises.
(5), customer inspection, must pay attention to the aspects of larger, more attention should be paid to the small details, details tend to determine the quality of the whole machine. As far as possible with the sample trial. Buy straw pellet machine quality and operation technical proficiency were severely affect the production efficiency, equipment with sawdust particles machine pressure rod working temperature is very high, should be timely and reasonably in oil supply and heat losses can effectively extend the service life of roller, increase effective time of working roller production. Sawdust particles machine roller burden the extrusion materials such as wood chips to the inner hole of the mold, and will be in front of the back of the raw materials to promote the raw material, in order to reach the final purpose.
Formally in sawdust particles machine before use, must be fully and rationally grinding. Manufacturers generally in the pellet machine manual regulation requires a reasonable grinding according to certain formula. Because the ring die roller pellet machine is heat-treated pieces, in the process of heat treatment, the inner hole of the circular mould produce some burr, the burr in suppressing straw particles will block the flow of materials and shape. Suit the remedy to the case, according to the wood grain machine situation timely troubleshooting, and quickly replace the problematic parts, ensure the continuity of the production process.
Sawdust particles machine bearing load is high, the labor intensity is big, it is necessary in the whole process of its implementation of continuous monitoring. To straw pellet machine is more efficient and faster to work, I hope you can follow the above measures. Other sawdust particles machine has low wear rate, roller mold plate, high efficiency of the centrifugal pressure, long life and other characteristics to the mill table.